Simple blogging for SEO purposes

WordPress gives you the ability to regularly write articles to help improve your site’s search engine exposure. Once registered with Google, Google will regularly look at your site to check for updates — the more regularly you write them, the better.

Let’s use the example of a building company in Southport called Smiths Builders.

They have a fairly simple site with pages like services, a portfolio of photos of work completed, and also a blog.


Smiths complete a building job in Churchtown — knocking down an old porch and rebuilding it from scratch.

When finished, they write a blog entry using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to make it into a case study — a perfect bite-size chunk of information to attract potential new customers along with a small selection of photos to illustrate.

Headline: Porch demolition and rebuilding job in Churchtown, Southport.

Article: Smiths Builders are proud to announce we have completed the rebuilding of Mr and Mrs Jones’ porch. (Note: Ideally, for SEO purposes, the total amount of text in your article should be about 300 words — double the amount I’ve written for this example.)

Situation: Mr and Mrs Jones porch has had a leaky roof and has been cold and draughty for the last 10 years, since a major storm caused damage.

Task: They called Smiths Builders and asked us to look at repairing or rebuilding it from scratch. Due to the old timbers we suggested it would be more efficient to start again with modern materials.

Action: We demolished the old porch, making sure we didn’t damage the rest of the house facade, and then used modern materials to make a secure and thermally efficient new porch.

Result: Mr and Mrs Jones have a lovely new, dry and warm porch in which to welcome visitors and take off their shoes and hang up their jackets after a long walk with the dog.

Why is this useful? Each article you write provides an extra little tentacle of information which Google stores information about and makes available to people who are looking for similar services. The STAR method of writing case studies provides a simple and effective way to get a story across without boring people to sleep

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