Is the design of your website good enough?

Choosing a web designer can be a tricky process… Do you use the company that comes out on top of the search results? Phone around for the cheapest quote? Perhaps one of your mates has some web design experience and you trust them with your online business project.

Whoever you choose, you need to make sure they can represent your business professionally and make it clear and simple for visitors to find your products and services.

Engaging clients with your website design

As a web designer I’m online a lot of the time — either looking at sites that new clients have told me they like, or just looking at the work that my competitors have done. All too often I see corners that have been cut and areas where I feel I can make improvements so visitors to my clients’ sites can engage more easily.

Sometimes it’s with complex back-end functions that allow for filtered searching like with the machine search facility I built into Littler Machinery’s Stock page, but more often than not it’s simple features like a ‘call now’ button that appears at the bottom of mobile phone screens so visitors can just tap it to get in touch rather than having to either write the number down or copy and paste it into their phone call app.

Here at Leeming Web Design in Southport, we have the facilities to build complex functions into your site or simple ones that just make browsing more easy and that’s ultimately what make the difference between good and bad website design.

Get in touch to see how we can improve your website.

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