How to Make a Better Landing Page for Your Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every company that is serious with its online marketing campaign needs a corresponding landing page on what it has to offer. Landing pages make or break deals, drive prospects to visit the Contact Us page, or lead to direct downloads of product offerings.

Landing pages account for onsite lead generation. When an online user bumps into your landing page, you would want to encourage him or her to fill out a form with all the information you need, such as a phone number of email address.

The landing page has to clearly indicate your desired user response. The call to action has to follow through the information that pushed the visitor to your landing page. It requires a clean, streamlined approach devoid of misdirection and distraction to make the most of the traffic converted on the call to action.

Here are a few things you could do to have an effective landing page:

1. Website Navigation

The landing page showcases what product or service you have to offer. The offer has to capture immediately the visitor’s attention and devoid from pointless content.

For that reason, remove navigational links from the landing page to make sure of a longer time of visit and the focus completely leads to the offer.

In essence, the only way to get out of the landing page has to be the built-in Back button of the web browser.

2. Content Location

Once people are on the landing page, they immediately want to know what they have to fill out before doing it, and humans read from left to right.

As a result, the landing page has to show the content on the left and the form on its right.

3. Headline

Internet users always are in a hurry, so you have only a few seconds to capture a visitor’s or reader’s attention.

The reader may have landed on your page after clicking a link that was vague on what it has to offer, but curiosity still urged them to click it.

You need to have an attention-getting headline to lay everything out for them in a concise manner, as long as it is relevant to the offer.

You still have to focus on the keywords so the landing page still appears in first pages of search engine results.

4. Description of Product or Service Offering

The landing page has to communicate clearly on what you have to offer, without too much verbosity and is cumbersome to read.

Visitors did not come to your landing page to read a novel. You only have to give a mild sales pitch for your product or service.

Write the content as if you are writing a value proposal. Tell the visitors the benefits of reading the entire content presented to them. Use direct, influential language that is easy to digest and removed of gibberish and gobbledygook.

5. Fill-Up Form

If the form is not readily available or accessible, visitors are less likely to convert on your call to action.

To save them from the tight spot, make the landing page easily visible and useable, and position it above the fold.

6. Photo

All of the things that take place on the landing page have to make it attractive and appealing, not off-putting, so it is best to add an engaging photo.

One or two good-looking photos are enough to draw attention because excessive addition of images will deviate from the goal of the page.

7. Social Media

Add social media buttons so that visitors and customers may share your offer to people on social networking sites and drive more traffic to the landing page.

Place the buttons in manner that does not dissuade attention from the product or service offered, but never miss a chance on free traffic generation.

8. Privacy Policy

A lot of people fear providing their contact information because it may end in the hands of someone who do not think of their best interest.

To avoid this fear from coming into the picture, put a simple link to your privacy policy page if you ask for their email address.

Make the customer know and feel comfortable that their information is in good hands, so they will willingly download your content.

9. High Quality Questions

Ask necessary, relevant questions for the level of sales you want, because asking unnecessary, unwanted questions on a lead conversion form will drive away traffic from your offer.

Come to grips with obtaining basic contact information as soon as possible, and then dig deeper level on your offers to generate quality leads.

A product or service offering is as successful and effective as its landing page. Ensure that you design and develop landing pages that will engage with prospects and generate leads. Provide a clear explanation about the offering on each landing page, and give visitors a prod to convert.

Here is an infographic by Scorch with a couple more tips on how to focus prospect traffic on your landing page.


Source: Social Media Today

Author: Aaron Elliot

Infographic: Scorch

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