The 9 Types of Facebook Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

You know the type. He created a Facebook account in 2009 and hasn’t touched it since. No profile picture. No status update. Occasionally, someone tags him in a photo, but does he even receive the notification?

Try this one: She waits, quietly. She doesn’t “like” things, and she definitely doesn’t comment. In fact, she rarely does anything at all besides slink through Facebook like a jungle cat, silently judging your waistline in your beach vacation pictures.

Everyone has his or her own social media style, but there are definite patterns in Facebook user behaviour. For businesses hoping to utilise Facebook’s advertising potential, identifying and targeting specific types of users can help narrow more meaningful audiences.

This infographic from Optify highlights everyone’s favorite Facebook users, from the Gamer to the Stalker and everyone in between.

See any that look familiar? If you identify yourself as a Curator or a Baby Boomer, or if you defy stereotypes and have a style all your own, let us know in the comments below.

Facebook Users

Source: Mashable

Author: Taylor Casti

Infographic: Optify

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